Create Your Writing Life with the CAN DO Formula Masterclass

Are you a time-poor novelist or aspiring novelist who struggles to find time to write, and when you finally do, you are too tired, unmotivated, distracted, or otherwise brain dead to even think about writing?

This masterclass is for you.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just...

Find time to write in your packed schedule without having to rearrange things or miss out on important events​?

Activate your time to make the most of every precious minute​?

Navigate your negative inner voice, which often holds you back?​

Eliminate (or at least plan for) distractions and interruptions that steal your writing time​?

And show up time after time so you can finally start, finish, or otherwise work on your book​?

If you answered, “heck yeah!” to any of the above, this masterclass is for you.

Suitable for beginners and intermediates alike, it’s for any writer who can’t find time consistently to write on a regular basis, those who dream of finishing their books, or getting started on their first or next one.

It’s for those who wish to create a consistent and sustainable writing habit, while counteracting internal obstacles (negative self-talk) and external obstacles (deprioritizing writing for other things).

I’ve been there, friend. That’s why I devised the CAN DO Formula so you can learn the secrets to fitting writing into your busy schedule and the key tools I used to write all throughout the 2020 pandemic while recovering from a concussion.

“A fantastic distillation of useful tips!”

"This is a fantastic distillation of useful tips for establishing a sustainable writing habit. I love the suggestions to get myself quickly into the headspace for writing, and I'm already putting Claire's writing tools into action."

Cally Booker
Author and Weaver

What do you get?
The Masterclass

In this 60-minute video with speed control and subtitles, plus downloadable audio, and a transcript, you will learn:

  • The main method I used to write during the 2020 pandemic while recovering from a concussion.
  • Cultivate awareness of your time and schedule.
  • Activate your writing time to make the most of every minute.
  • Nix internal excuses by effectively binding and gagging your negative inner voice.
  • Diligently show up by planning for and eliminating external interruptions and obstacles.
  • Overtake your goals and become aware of how your writing life can change with just a few tweaks.


Filling out the workbook will help you pay attention in this world so full of distractions, and help you internalize what you're learning.

Plus, when you submit your completed workbook, you win one of two prizes!

Your Future WRiting Life

At the end of this masterclass you’ll have all the tools you need to create your writing life. You will be the kind of writer who has the confidence and power to show up to write consistently. You'll be the kind of author who types, The End.

Attention, Busy Writer...

You don’t have to wait until the kids are out of the house, or until you retire, or until hell freezes over to write your book. 

You have time now. Get started, get back to it, keep showing up, and finish your book!

Imagine knowing when you can fit writing time into your day without missing out on time with your friends, family, and other important people and events.

Imagine confidently lifting your chin when someone asks you how the book is coming and telling them when you expect to have it finished. Or even better, telling them you finished the first draft and are well into revision.

Imagine the pride, the emotions, the excitement of typing, "The End."

You will leave this masterclass with the tools and techniques to create (or refurbish) your writing practice so you can become the kind of writer who has the confidence and power to show up to write consistently. 


Some questions you probably might have
  • You said it yourself! I’m time-poor (aka busy). Why would I have time for this?
    Because this invaluable, on-demand workshop will teach you that you do have time, you just need the right tools to find it and make the most of it! This 60-minute commitment now will give you the tools to help you find that time plus make every minute of that time count.
  • What’s included?
    The masterclass is on-demand. After completing your purchase, you'll get access to the masterclass inside ThriveCart Learn, the platform where my product and courses are hosted.

    You'll get:
    -60-minute video with speed controls and subtitles
    -Downloadable audio file to listen to one the go
    -Transcript of the video in case reading is more your learning style
    -Workbook to help you pay attention and interact with what you're learning

    PLUS, an extra bonus prize if you submit your filled out workbook (spoiler alert: it's either 1-hour or coaching with me, or $120 off the Busy Author Toolbox)!
  • What if I don’t write fiction?
    That's okay! All writers and aspiring writers are welcome! Though I always talk about books and writing books, the tools and lessons you'll learn will be valuable no matter what you write. Even if it's articles, short stories, blog posts, etc. If you want to start a regular writing habit, this masterclass is for you!
  • What if I already have a writing practice?
    That is awesome! However, in a March 2022 survey, I found that writers who already have a regularly scheduled writing time (aka practice or habit) don't always show up to it due to lack of motivation, lack of focus, distractions, tiredness, brain fatigue... the list goes on. There's something for everyone in this masterclass.
  • Have other questions?
    I love questions! Feel free to email me at
Ready to save yourself the heartache and longing of wanting to start or finish your book and actually start or finish your book?

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